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Youth Programmes

Today’s youth face enormous challenges. They need life skills and tools to assist them to cope, and to turn adversity into success. Most youth are frustrated, depressed and and do not enjoy school and family life. Many come from dysfunctional backgrounds, resulting in further undesirable behaviour patterns, such as crime. Agape Foundation provides Life skills programmes and support interventions which give young people a life line - tools to cope and thrive.

Agape Learning Centre


Agape Learning Centre is a training and development centre established to provide young people with valuable training facilities, which are normally not accessible for most youth. We offer the following services for youth who are needy but show potential:

  • Life Skills training 

At the Agape Learning centre we provide youth life skills programmes which inspire and encourage young people giving them a new outlook on life. Our programmes provide young people with greater  confidence, motivation, and communication skills. The programmes consists of a number of modules covering the following skills training : Self esteem, assertiveness, communication, money management, managing bullying and peer pressure. The average programmes are 10 weeks wth monthly maintenance sessions

  •  Soft Skills Training & Career Guidance

There is a need for soft skills training. Such training will create more proficient youth who are better able to handle future tasks such as how to conduct themselves in interviews, how to apply for jobs, career guidance etc. Through Agape Youth Foundations network, school children and young career seekers from needy communities will have access to advice and information. School leavers can visit our Agape Life Centre for training on how to speak and present themselves for an interview, career advice, and assertiveness

  • Youth Entrepreneurship  programme

We provide basic business skills training to young people, specificially young women. We teach them the fundamental principles of starting or running a business, including Key elemensts of starting a business, marketing, and personal development.

  •  Entrepreneurship courses
  • Advice on starting your small business
  • Mentorship & Guidance to young prospective business owners


Youth mentorship is an effective means to touch the lives of many young people, and to provide real role models that young children can look up. We developing a national mentorship programme for youth. So, if you would like to get involved, email sharon@agapefoundation.co.za



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