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Welcome to Agape - School Kids


We offer the following programmes for school children:


Early Childhood Development Centres

Most South Africans cannot afford to send their children to a pre-school centre, so most kids miss out on educational stimulation. At Agape we believe that early childhood intervention is the key starting point for creating healthy well balanced youth and adults. Play and learning are key ingredients for healthy, happy children. Through play, children learn to express themselves,they learn important life lessons which shapes their character. We have partnered with Play-with-a-purpose to develop an effective model for Early childhood development centres. Our mission is to ensure quality care and education for South Africa's less priviledged children. The idea is to replicate our ECD model throughout the country, thereby giving more children access to early education, and shaping them at an early age. In addition, this creates an opportunity for employment for ordinary ladies in the community as Early Childhood Development Teachers.

Through our involvement in the ECD centres we will:

  • Provide quality learning and stimulation for our needy children
  • Provide healthy meals and motherly love & care for pre-school goers
  • Provide a safe environment for healthy "Play"
  • Provide Job opportunities as caregivers for the local community women
  • Provide growth opportunities by providing early childhood development training programmes to women interested in advancing their education.
  • Assist ordinary members of the community to start their own ECD centre
  • Support existing ECD centres with life skills training and other support

 Our Ambition:

  •  To duplicate the ECD model nationally.
  • To build primary schools that these pre-school kids may be able to move on to.

 Support Programmes for School going children

We provide the following support services to children who are part of our programme

Tutoring services

Many children, especially those in very large classes (30 - 40 children per class) are struggling with Maths, Science and literacy. Poor performance in school creates a break in kids self confidence, and discourages them from learning. Agape Foundation's objective is to increase childrens school confidence through inspiration and supporting them with individual and group tutoring services. In this regard, we have partnered with Penguin tutoring ( www.penguintutoring.co.za) who are leaders in providing tutoring services in South Africa. Tutoring services are carried out in the local schools after hours and Saturday mornings. We use tutors from the local community thereby providing jobs and income potential as well. Our aim is that all children will grow to love school & reading, and to have confidence in their academic ability.

To volunteer as a tutor, or to support a child, see the " Get involved" section.

Preparing me for Life - Life Skills Programme

Life skills are the fundamental building blocks for young people to realize their potential at home, at school, and in their communities. Life skills programs provide a means of achieving important youth development outcomes, such as improved performance in school, increased literacy, finding and maintaining employment, and active citizenship. Life skills training builds self-esteem, confidence, decision-making, effective communication and motivation. Life skills training gives children the skills and tools needed to survive and thrive in a world filled with challenges, stress, adversity and poverty.

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