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Welcome to Agape - Get Involved


You can get involved by making a donation to assist our Foundation with the work that we are doing, or you could choose a specific programme that you want to support.


Donations are welcomed by electronic transfer.

 Agape Foundation:

FNB Bank:Olympus Plaza:

Acc# : 62243939488:

 Monthly or once off donations are welcome.


 Agape Ambassadors or Volunteers

Volunteers for 2016: all volunteer opportunities for 2016 are filled. email us your details if you would like to be considered for future programmes.



Pre School children programmes




How you can help


  • Early Childhood Development Centres
  • PlayPark
  • Birthday Club
    • Donate books
    • Donate crayons & stationery
    • Donate your time
    • Donate balloons
    • Sponsor a birthday party
    • Make a donation to these causes

School Children Programmes





How you can help


  • Helping kids succeed at School Academic Support Programme
  • Preparing kids for Life Programme(Life skills training)
  • Life skills 1 day camp
  • Helping kids Enjoy Life Recreational Programme.
  • School visit programme
  • Birthday Club
    • Sponsor a child for Tutoring
    • Sponsor a child for a 8 week Life skills Programme, or 1 day camp
    • Sponsor a child for a day at an animal farm / camp / playpark
    • Sponsor a Birthday Party

Youth Building Programmes





How you can help


  • Academic support
  • Life Skills training
  • Soft Skills Training
  • Computer Training Lab
  • Entrepreurship & Business skills training
  • School visit programme
  • Life Skills 1 Day camp
  • Mentoring camp for Boys
  • Mentoring camp for girls
  • Entrepreurship Programme
    • Sponsor a youth for Individual & Group Tutoring
    • Sponsor a youth for a life Skills programme
    • Sponsor 1 soft skills training class
    • Sponsor 1 Entrepreneurship group class
    • Sponsor a 1 day Life skills camp
    • Donate your time to mentor a boy/ girl
    • Make a donation for a young person to start
    • a start a business. Ask us how.

Community & Family Building





How you can help


  • Family Life Skills programmes
  • Agape Entreneurship programme
    • Sponsor a Family to attend our Family Life Skills programme
    • Sponsor a young person to attend entrepreneurship training
    • Sponsor a young person to start their own business. 
    • Donate your time







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